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Imago:  Youth Play-Writing Group


What is IMAGO?

IMAGO is a positively-focused group where young people can ask questions about technique and content involving plays they are writing/have written, to have excerpts read by the group and to get feedback and suggestions. Members have done creative exercises, worked on scripts, gave and received feedback and had a play accepted in the Wilmington Drama League’s Jeff Walker Youth One-Act Festival that takes place each summer.

More fun is planned for the upcoming months! The specific group content each month is dependent on the needs and interest of the participants. Come to one, or come to all! These are drop-in meetings and welcome to anyone aged 7-17 interested in playwriting!


When is IMAGO?


Where young writers can grow


Wondering what happens at the monthly IMAGO Youth Playwriting Group? Check out this video!


Special thanks to Chrysalis Committee member and Imago youth assistant leader Ivy Jackson for filming and video editing, and to group leader, Eric Merlino and the attendees from the September meeting for their participation.

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