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Auditions at the
Wilmington Drama League

The Wilmington Drama League offers a number of opportunities to audition throughout the year.  From the annual Wilmington Drama League season schedule to our Jeff Walker Youth One Act Festival, Pillow Plays, and special presentations there's always something happening at the WDL.  Check back often for the latest Wilmington Drama League auditions schedule.

Please note that the Drama League is currently requiring all actors cast in a production to show proof of vaccination before the first rehearsal.  Thank you.

Current Auditions


The Wilmington Drama League announces auditions for their September production of “Chess” directed by Kristyn Walko.

Auditions will be held on Tuesday, May 30 and Wednesday, May 31 from 7pm to 10pm.

Please prepare 32 bars of a song that best showcases your vocal range.  Please, no songs from the show. 

Please bring a list of all conflicts from June 12 through September 24, 2023.

Rehearsal schedule will depend on the availability of those cast. Tech week will be September 10-14, 2023, with performances on September 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, and 24. Strike will take place after the show on September 24 and all are required to attend.

Any questions please reach out to Director Kristyn Walko at​



Please note the age ranges listed below are flexible; we are looking for actors who can play in these ranges, even if they are younger or older than the ranges listed.


In addition to the specific roles listed, we will be casting a group of 8-10 featured soloists and four members of the chorus will play members of the British consulate in “Embassy Lament.”  We also need a strong chorus of performers of various ages (including a few children) – the chorus in this show is not just background but is integral to several major musical numbers.

Freddie Trumper (Rock tenor) Male, mid-thirties,  American chess champion.  He is a cross between Bobby Fischer and John McEnroe.  Arrogant, but has the goods to back it up.  Extremely temperamental, but a genius.  He is the chess world’s “rock star.”  Had a very difficult childhood; grew up using chess to seek solace from his tumultuous home life.  He doesn’t let people get close to him easily and demands unwavering loyalty from those he lets in.   While he is arrogant, he also possesses a vulnerability and fragility he tries desperately to hide from people.

Florence Vassy (Mezzo-Soprano; strong belter) Female, mid-thirties. Freddie’s chess second.  Born in Hungary but raised in America.  Has an inherent mistrust of the Russians due to the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 which ripped apart her family.  She is clever, theatrical, caring, volatile. She tries to act as a mediator with those Freddie offends.  Tries to soften his public image.  Cares for him but has grown weary of the games he plays.

Anatoly Sergievsky (Baritone) Male, 40s.  Russian chess champion.  Unlikely romantic hero.  His unexpectedly charming personality wins Florence over.  Intelligent, passionate.  Loves chess.  Loves his country, but doesn’t like the politics.

Walter DeCourcey (Bass) Male, 40s-50s.  He is a marketing agent for Global Television, which owns the broadcast rights for the chess championship.  Seemingly trustworthy, respectable, but he plots with Molokov to guide the events.

Aleksandr Molokov (Bass) Male, 40s-50s.  Anatoly’s chess second, but also likely connected to the Russian government in some way.  Intellectually formidable.  Manipulative, scheming.  Not a comical Russian stereotype, but a man with a lot to lose if things don’t go his way.

Arbiter (Baritone)  Male or female, but the music is written for a baritone.  Age is flexible, but probably older than 35.  President of the World Chess Federation, and takes this role extremely seriously.  Is a purist.  Cool and smooth, but has no time or patience for anyone getting in the way of the game, breaking the rules, over-commercializing chess, plotting or playing politics.  Also serves as a narrator at times.

Svetlana Sergievsky (Mezzo-Soprano; strong belter) Female, 35-45.  Anatoly’s wife.  Domestic, wholesome, homey.  She is a sharp contrast to Florence; she is not cosmopolitan but very much a housewife who loves her family and just wants to live a quiet, simple life. Has grown to resent her husband’s career, as it keeps him away from his family.


Directors, Plays and Actors

WRITERS: (youth or adult): Play submissions are due May 28. Send to


DIRECTORS: (youth or adult) : Send inquiries to Experience is helpful but not necessary.

ACTORS (18 and under): Auditions are 6:30-8:30 on Sunday 6/4 and Tuesday 6/6. No appointment necessary. Cold readings from the various scripts. For young, non-reading youth, alternate audition materials will be used.



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