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Wilmington Drama League in the News

The Wilmington Drama League is making news.  Catch the latest coverage from Greater Wilmington, Delaware, Philadelphia and beyond.   And if you'd like to cover the Wilmington Drama League or contact us for a story, please email

Wilmington Drama League Announces
2021-22 Season Live on DETV

June 21, 2021

Wilmington Drama League's production manager, Kathy Buterbaugh, appeared live on DETV's Good Morning Wilmington to discuss COVID's effect on theatre and to officially announce the Drama League's 2021-22 season, launching October 22 with Art of Murder.  Watch the announcement below.

Keith Powell Promotes WDL & His New Show "Connecting" on NBC 10

October 17, 2020

The new NBC show "Connecting" has a Delaware connection of its own. 

You  might have seen the new show “Connecting” right here on NBC10 or on  Peacock. But you might not know that one of the show’s stars is from our  area and is keeping a close eye on the Wilmington spot where he got his  start. NBC10’s Tim Furlong has more.


Wilmington Drama League Cited in National Ranking

October 1, 2020

Southern Methodist University has rated Wilmington as one of the Top 40 Cities in the U.S. in Arts Vibrancy. In fact, we’re #6 among medium-sized communities. 


Wilmington Drama League is so excited to be recognized as part of Wilmington's vibrant theatre community!


"Wilmington has a strong theater scene, supported by community-based organizations like the 

Wilmington Drama League..." 

We thank you and stand with our Wilmington theatre community in our love for Wilmington and surrounding communities!

Read the report

National Ranking.png

2020 Jeff Walker One-Act Festival Awards

August 8, 2020

The Wilmington Drama League is very happy to recognize outstanding participants for the 2020 Jeff Walker One-Act Festival.

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