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The Lightning Thief
The Percy Jackson Musical


May 10 - 19, 2024

The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical, based on the book by award-winning author Rick Riordan, tells a story involving a 12 year old hero, Greek gods, a quest, and mystical lightning.  The multi Drama Desk Award nominated Lightning Thief features a musically diverse score with terrific ballads and a bunch of catchy up-tempo numbers that will entertain the whole family.

Meet the Cast

ANNABETH: Shannon Dillard
GROVER: Jack Zimm
LUKE: Seamus McGroary
SALLY JACKSON: Dacota Huggins
MR. BRUNNER: Gabriel Palmarini
CLARISSE: Evie Walls
KRONOS: Jason Messinger
KATIE: Ava Taylor



Katie Filler

Alyssa Guerrero

Amaya Howard

John Loughton

Sami Martinez

Elaine Mulrenin

Landyn Pollard

Norris “Shane” Teel

Abby Selzer

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