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Friends of WDL

Throughout our 90+ seasons, the Wilmington Drama League has welcomed countless people through our doors as patrons, actors, musicians and volunteers. We are constantly reminded of how the arts at WDL has enriched and enhanced the lives of so many people. Below is a list of supporters for the current season have helped us continue the tradition.

Eternal Producer

Ruby M. Stanley


Angel Producers

($1000 and above)

Cynthia Schneeman
Carol Van Zoeren


Executive Producers

($500 to $999)

Roy & Laurene Eckbold

Michelle Poulin


Sustaining Producers

($250 to $499)

Francis Baldo

Butch & Jenna Cole

Robert Glen

Susan & Neil Kaye

Eric Merlino (in memory of Bill Merlino)

Nance Weber


Supporting Producers


Charles Auer

Erica Brignac

Olga Crowther

Barbara & Mike Evanko

Pat & Jim Grant (in memory of Tim Donovan)

Gerard & Kathleen Kennealey

The Kiningham Family (in memory of Uncle Tim Donovan)

Jan Kirby

Thomas McCarthy

Knut Meyer

Joe & Kate Monaghan (in honor of Tim Donovan)

Jeffrey Santoro
Sharon Weaver

Associate Producers

(up to $99)

Paulette Alexandridis

Joseph Allegro

Lee Asher

Michael Barko

Regina Barry

Debra Bialecki
Julie Bierlein
Amy Watson Bish
Deborah Bradford
Marilyn Bromels
Kathleen Butler

Jane Crowley

Anthony DelNegro (in honor of Kathleen Majewski)

Mark DeNio

Chris DeStafney

Tammy DeStafney
Gene Dzielak

Jean Eggen

Kelly Ensslin

Michael Garko

William Georgov

Marilyne Gregg (honoring Commander Robert Andrew Gregg)

Deb Harbaugh
Sarah Harbaugh
Maria Healy

Linda Heckert

Doris Hines

Laura Hull

Pam Huxtable
Douglas & Peg Irish

Ivy Jackson
Laura Jury
Elaine Kahler

Leisa Kanienberg
Rob Kennan

Wendelyn Kinna
Alan Kirschner
Wendy Lindsey (in memory of Susan Kay Beesley)
Aileen Maguire
Pamelyn Manocchio
Dorothy Marx

Robert Mattei

Gus Mercante & Justin Bartels (celebrating Kathy Buterbaugh)
Cory Nourie
Paige Obara

Sue Oldenburg

Jennifer Perdick
Carol Ann Plunkett

Christine Reynolds

Irene Rodriguez

Jennifer Scorziello
Timothy Sheridan
Kathleen Smith

Katherine Stark

Karen Tate
Julie Tuminello

Chris & Kim Turner

Margaret Ventura (honoring Helen Rolph & Don Whitely)

Alyssa White

Steven Zimmerman

Please note: If you have just recently donated in memory of someone, it will take a day or so for your name to appear on our wall.

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