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Ruby M. Stanley
One-Act Festival

FEBRUARY 9 - 10, 2024

This Wilmington Drama League annual event is named for our wonderful, long-time volunteer, Ruby Stanley.  This year's festival features all original works by local playwrights and culminates in two nights of performances at which audience members vote for their favorite play.

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Our 2024 One-Act Plays Include:

Body and Soul

Writer/Director:  Eric Merlino

Assistant Director:  Al Rubincan


Body and Soul involves a young person who, in trying to raise funds for gender affirming treatments, may have accidentally sold his soul to the devil. 



Al Rubincan as Corky Corcoran

Ginny White as Lydia/Mother

Tucker Ellis as Jeffrey Starks

Madi Houff as Grandmother (voice)

Grave Wars

Writer:  Bret Ioli

Director: Gail Wagner


Can two widows and a daughter agree to disagree when they meet in the cemetery...

or will it be war?


Gina Olkowski as Maria

Leslie Green Shapiro as Nancy

Courtney Lynahan as Joline


Writer:  Bill Potter

Director:  Nicole Peirce

A Dramedy, trigger warning serious subject - Eve, contemplating ending it all over a bad date/relationship, climbs up a bridge. Beth has also contemplated ending it all and has been up on the bridge planning it for weeks. Will Beth talk Evie out of suicide because she hasn't got a proper plan? Is Officer Stewart there to give her a ticket for parking illegally or is he on another assignment? 



Nancy Kersey as Beth

Jazmin Montalvo as Evie

Drew Walko as Officer Stewart

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Writer: Kristyn Leigh Robinson

Director:  Kristyn Walko

Mary had a little lamb, his fleece was white as snow. And everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go. And now she’s sick and tired of it, and she wants to do something about it.


Khabeera Calaman as Mary

Shawn Kline as The Little Lamb

Fairy Penguins

Writer:  Jennifer Kent

Director:  Jenna Cole

Fairy Penguins is the story of two sisters and their significant others who have just traveled all day to spend a weekend in a cabin in the woods in hopes to spend some quality time getting to know each other. Things don’t quite go as planned!


Kelly Paustian as Rachel

Andrew Chambliss as Michael

Madi Houff as Shira

Alan Harbaugh as Jarred

The Ferberizing of Coral

Writer:  Patrick Flynn

Director:  Gene Dzielak

The Ferberizing of Coral is the story of Karen and Kevin as the struggle with the first night they are teaching their daughter to self soothe at bedtime. 


Jennifer Kent as Karen

Bob Chase as Kevin

Sophonie Milord as Karen's Mom

Nick Panunto as Kevin's Dad

Angela Gustavsen as Coral

The Book of Job Part 2: Job Strikes Back

Writer:  Matt Casarino

Director:  Carol Vanzoeren

After his ordeal, Job takes God to court to get some answers. 



Craig Stump

Dan Harkins

Ahmed Khan

Amy Mulenkamp

Jen Moses

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