Come enjoy this series of shows by kids for kids!
This series, performed in WDL’s lobby and other locations, is geared toward children 10 and under (but is secretly enjoyed by their parents too). Best of all…the plays are FREE!

Auditions are held throughout the year, so keep checking our Auditions page!

Chaos in Fairy Tale Forest

by Geff Moyer

When Red Riding Hood trips over a root in the forest, she spills her basket of goodies only to encounter Hansel and Gretel wanting her food basket. They have finished off the gingerbread house and are now running from the witch. Poor Red is confused — there’s no witch in her story! But when Bambi scampers in, chased by Robin Hood, who is running from Goldilocks because he shot arrows at her three bears, Red knows the fairy tale forest is in total chaos! From Snow White to the heartless Tin Man and the Headless Horseman to Rapunzel to the White Rabbit, the story just gets crazier and crazier! To complicate matters, a Shrek-like Sheriff Ogre tries to shoo away the “legend” characters because they don’t belong in Fairy Tale Forest. The hysterical stage action builds to a crescendo until all suddenly goes black. When the lights come up, we realize it was all just a dream… or was it?

Performances are Saturday, October 7th at WDL 10am & 2pm and Sunday, October 15th at 1pm at the Newark Free Library