Come enjoy this series of shows by kids for kids!
This series, performed in WDL’s lobby and other locations, is geared toward children 10 and under (but is secretly enjoyed by their parents too). Best of all…the plays are FREE!

Auditions are held throughout the year, so keep checking our Auditions page!


“Eggheads” by Jimmy Brunelle
After learning that she is a genius, Gwyneth fears she’ll be labeled an “egghead.” She tells a friend, who tells a friend, who tells a friend. The rumors keep changing from kid to kid, and soon are totally out of control…

Saturday, May 6th at WDL at 10AM and 2PM    [MAP]
Sunday, May 7th at Friends Meeting House- Kennett at 2PM   [MAP]
Sunday, May 13th at Newark Free Library at 2Pm    [MAP]