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Wilmington Drama League COVID Policy

The Wilmington Drama League strives to provide an environment where the health and safety of our audience, cast, crew and staff is a priority.

Effective April 9, 2022: Audience, cast, crew, staff or anyone entering the Wilmington Drama League are no longer required to wear a mask.

NOTE: All performers shows through June 2023 have been vaccinated against Covid-19.


The Wilmington Drama League follows the guidance of the CDC and the State of Delaware when making its COVID-19 policies and does recommend masking in crowded areas such as a theater, hall or auditorium.  We also strongly recommend masking for those that are not vaccinated and encourage others to wear a mask if it provides them comfort.


The Wilmington Drama League has also upgraded our HVAC system and installed a Bipolar Ionization system to help reduce pathogens within our theater.

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