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The Color Purple Auditions

Audition Details and Requirements

The Wilmington Drama League is thrilled to announce auditions for their production of The Color Purple.
Director/Choreographer, Dominic Santos (they/them), and Music Director, Anthony Vitalo (he/him),
seek strong singers and actors of all gender identities for this production running January 28 through February 6, 2022.

Rehearsals will be held Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. Please bring a list of all potential
conflicts. You MUST be available for all performances and tech rehearsals the week leading up to
opening night.

WHEN: Monday, September 27th and Wednesday, September 29th . Sign-in begins at 6:30pm and ends at
8pm. Callbacks (by invitation only) to be held Monday, October 4th . Auditions and callbacks will begin at

WHAT TO PREPARE: 32 measures or approximately 1 minute of a song in the style of the show (Gospel,R&B, Contemporary Musical Theater, Jazz Standards) showing your range. Bring sheet music in the
correct key. Please have another song prepared incase asked to sing another selection. No songs from
the show please. An accompanist will be provided as well as speakers if you prefer to sing with an
instrumental track.

If you are unable to make auditions, you are welcome to submit a video audition to by September 27th . Callbacks will be held in person.

All characters are Black/African descent. WDL is a volunteer based community theater. All roles open.

CELIE- (she/her) Ages from 14-40s. A survivor who triumphantly journeys through a life filled with
emotional and physical abuse. She is grounded in her rock-solid faith in God and devotion to her sister
Nettie, and later her intimacy-awakening bond with Shug Avery. Looking for a dynamic actor and singer
who is well versed in both gospel and contemporary musical theatre styles. Mezzo soprano with strong
high belt. Intimacy is required for this role.

MISTER- (he/him) Ages from 30s-50s. A deeply troubled man, as well as Celie’s husband and abuser. Still
carries a torch for his former lover Shug Avery. Baritone. Intimacy is required for this role.


SHUG AVERY- (she/her) Ages from 30s-40s. A sultry and seductive singer who is overcoming her own
traumas. Former lover of Mister’s whose body, soul, and desire to love again is reawakened by her
intimate relationship with Celie. Alto. Intimacy is required for this role.


SOFIA- (she/her) Ages from 20s-40s. A full-figured woman with a big personality who suffers no fools.
She has a lust for life and a proud sense of justice. Harpo’s wife and Celie’s friend. Alto with strong belt.
Intimacy is required for this role.


HARPO- (he/him) Ages from 18-40s. Mister’s hapless son from his first marriage. He’s well intended but
often falls short due to poor guidance. Falls deeply in love and takes a submissive role with his wife Sofia
and later his girlfriend Squeak. Tenor/Baritone. Intimacy is required for this role.


NETTIE- (she/her) Ages from 13-40s. Smart, driven, and protected by circumstance. Unwaveringly
devoted to her sister Celie. Mezzo soprano.


SQUEAK/ENSEMBLE- (she/her) 20s. Harpo’s devoted and protective girlfriend. She possesses a voice that
matches her name. Soprano. Intimacy is required for this role.


PA/ENSEMBLE- (she/her) 40s/50s. A bitter and irredeemable man. Celie’s and Nettie’s father and also
the father to Celie’s two children. Baritone.


PREACHER/OL MISTER/ENSEMBLE- (he/him) 50s/60s. The soul stirring Holy Ghost minister of the
church/Mister’s misguided father. Tenor/Baritone.


DORIS/ENSEMBLE- (she/her) 30s-50s. Church lady who serves as a Greek chorus who comments on the
events of Celie’s life. Strong comedic timing. Gospel alto.


DARLENE/ENSEMBLE- (she/her) 20s-40s. Church lady who serves as a Greek chorus who comments on
the events of Celie’s life. Strong comedic timing. High gospel soprano belt/mix.


JARENE/ENSEMBLE- (she/her) 30s/40s. Church lady who serves as a Greek chorus who comments on the
events of Celie’s life. Strong comedic timing. Gospel mezzo soprano.


GUARD/BOBBY/ENSEMBLE- (he/him) 20s. Guard in the local jail/Celie’s handyman later in life.


BUSTER/GRADY/ENSEMBLE- (he/him) 30s/40s. Sofia’s goodtime man with whom she takes up between
her relationship stints with Harpo/Shug Avery’s husband. Tenor/Baritone.


OLIVIA/ENSEMBLE- (she/her) 20s. Celie’s daughter raised by Nettie in Africa. Soprano/Mezzo. Strong
dancer a plus.


ADAM/ENSEMBLE- (he/him) 20s. Celie’s son raised by Nettie in Africa. Tenor/Baritone. Strong dancer a

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