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Audition Details and Requirements

J.B., a 1959 Pulitzer Prize winner, is a verse retelling of the Book of Job, by Archibald MacLeish.


Auditions are Wednesday, August 9, and Monday August 14 at 7 p.m. at the theater. Auditioners should arrive no later than 8:30 to sign up for an audition slot.


Performances will be November 9-12.

Any questions please reach out to Director Carol Van Zoeren at

Character Breakdown:


Zuss: Compassionate. Lonely at the top. Idealistic. Wants to trust underlings. Eager to give grace if they fail. Gets frustrated and loses their temper at times.


Nickles: Aggrieved. Focused on fairness. Transactional. High EQ, understands the human condition more than Zuss.


J.B.: Confident, but not at all arrogant. Has a core of humility. A Mensch.


Sarah: Grateful, a little “God-y”. Breaks at devastating loss, feels betrayed by God. Then recovers some hope.


Ensemble: 9 total. I use the catch-all word “Ensemble”, but these aren’t indistinguishable background actors, they’re each interesting, fleshed-out character vignettes. Specific role assignments TBD


J.B.’s and Sarah’s children (ACT 1):

David, Mary, Jonathan – late teens/20’s 

Ruth – age 9-12. Plays Jolly in the Act 3 Greek Chorus.

Rebecca – 5-ish. Maybe also in Act 3 Greek Chorus.


Messengers (ACT 2): Clueless soldiers, heartless paparazzi, empathetic cops, Good Samaritans.


Greek Chorus (ACT 3): Street people. Gossips. Worldly -- they’ve “seen it all”.


Comforters (ACT 3): Arrogant, convinced they’re right. They think their perspective is helpful. They get huffy when their “keen insight” is not appreciated.


The creative team is committed to casting practices that advance diversity and inclusion. All ethnicities, genders, and abilities will be considered for every role with the exception of two roles - J.B. (male) and Sarah (female).

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