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   Black Box submissions should follow these general guidelines:

  • Minimal/Representational sets that maximize creativity

  • Inexpensive royalties (generally meaning non-musicals) or public domain

  • Edgy, less well-known plays and unique new takes on classic theatre are particularly encouraged


Still not sure?  Ask us!

Submissions having youth oriented themes and/or a large youth cast will be forwarded to the Chrysalis Players for evaluation. 

Persons interested in directing for the Ruby Stanley One-Act Festival should contact  Submissions are ultimately reviewed by the RS Festival Committee for acceptance. 

​You may apply to direct at WDL at any time throughout the year, by completing the submission form to the right.  The VP of Artistic Development will determine the final deadlines for submission each year, generally in the December/January time frame.  The VP of Artistic Development reviews each submission and schedules interviews with promising candidates.  Subsequently, aAppropriate candidates are then forwarded to the Board for final vote.  Early submission gives directors a better opportunity to choose their desired time slot.