Credits include: Broadway (Finding Neverland, Elf, The Musical, King Kong), National Tours (Young Frankenstein, Finding Neverland) and TV (Jesus Christ Superstar Live).

Freestyle Singing Workshop

Ages 10 - 21

with Rory Donovan

WDL alumnus and star of screen and stage!


Saturday, May 22nd  

1PM - 4PM 

Tickets $25

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Join us! 


 This Freestyle Singing Workshop will explore singing as a means of personal artistic expression, diving deep into your talents and abilities to express your unique voice.


From Rory’s Artist Statement:  "This is not a class about finished performances or about polished results,this is a class about brave...artistic discovery.”

Needed for workshop:

Bring 2 songs that speak to your heart and be ready to SING!!!!**NOTE:  No musical theater please.

This is not a performance/audition class. *Backing tracks accepted, but not necessary.  Acapela is also acceptable.

All COVID protocols for distancing and masks will be in place.  MORE INFO

Rory’s Artist Statement

Freestyle Singing


This class, although I’m not in love with the term class I’d probably rather call it a artistic discussion with spontaneous singing.  An artistic discussion with spontaneous singing that will aim to teach you how to unshackle your creativity, to activate your artistry, to release fear and connect with your bravest impulse, which is your true soul as an artist. In this class we will sing, and engage wholly in the singular act of singing. Sing, and only sing. No pretense, no expectations, no stakes, no performance and totally free of soul masking apology. We will engage in Artistic expression for the sake and progress of the soul and not for the approval of others.


We will not sing with an accompanist, as there is too much tied into that singer/accompanist relationship for it to be beneficial in THIS educational setting. This is not a class about finished performances or about polished results, this is a class about brave and terrifying artistic discovery where we will  re-contextualize failure as progress. We will do that by putting ourselves in a situation where we feel true permission and comfort to be the weird rockstars we all know we are. We will sing along with the tracks, we will amplify our voices so even hushed whispers carry across the air, we will explore every inside and outside of our unique voices and expressions until we know ourselves truly, instead of knowing just who we thought we wanted to sound like and be when we didn’t know who we were.


This is a class for the brave, this class will ask you to share nothing but your whole self and who you actually crave to be as an artist (human.) That responsibility does not begin and end only during the times when you’re singing. This will also be an environment that will ask you to be a true member of a small artistic community exchanging and receiving energies of artistic truth, not simply to be an audience member or a critic to other’s expressions. It will teach you to revel and celebrate in others’ progress, others’ talents, rather than viewing such things as a threat to your own artistic existence.


So come and sing, and only sing. Have a two song playlist of songs that you could sing forwards and backwards, upside down and in your sleep. They can be contrasting; they can be exactly the same but I want them to be songs that speak your soul when you sing them. Please no musical theater. We will talk more about that during the class. Sing the song as you choose to sing it. Sing to a track, sing to the song itself, sing a cappella. It truly doesn’t matter. Just sing.