Book by Linda Wolverton

Music by Alan Menken

Lyrics by Howard Ashman/Tim Rice

Directed by S. Lee Lewis

December 13 – 29, 2019

A wandering enchantress transforms a cruel and vain prince into a hideous Beast, leaving him only one way to reverse the curse – fall in love with another and earn her love in return. Belle, a beautiful book-lover, encounters the Beast when she arrives at his castle to plead for her father’s freedom, ultimately trading her own for his. As tension over her imprisonment escalates in the town, spurred by Gaston, the selfish lover who seeks Belle’s hand in marriage, the relationship between Belle and the Beast grows, leading to an emotional, and transformative, conflict.


Beast: Mitch King
Belle: Christy Wyatt
Gaston: Ethan Knettler
LeFou: Alex Vanderlek
Maurice: Tony Delnegro
Silly Girls: Cecelia Arangio, Ariana Clark, Abigale Townsend
D’Arque: Gary Kirchhof
Enchantress: Genevieve Aucoin
Cogsworth: Aaron Kirschner
Lumiere: Christopher Millison
Wardrobe: Shoshana Lieberman
Babette: Carina Czipoth
Mrs. Potts: Eileen Law Stewart
Chip: Alexa Watson, Ivy Jackson, Jamie Davis
Salt Shaker: Lexi Turner
Pepper Shaker: Alex Asher
Teen Ensemble:
Isabel Asher
Makenna Bailey
Rosemary Campbell
Maya Daly
Gabe Morales
Shannon O’Sullivan
Ami Plymyer
Mikala Plymyer
Megean Rissolo
Adult Ensemble:
Justin Bartels
Kat Davis
Gabrielle Delnegro
Justin Destafney
Matthew Ford
Jennifer Perdick
Katrina Watson

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