The Ruby Stanley One-Act Festival is a truly interactive experience at the Wilmington Drama League. This long-running tradition allows the audience to vote a reprentative to the state festival – and often regional and national festivals.  Both comedic and dramatic, this is an exciting weekend at WDL.  The Ruby Stanley One-Act Festival runs Feb. 17-18. Performances are at 8 p.m. Tickets are $10.

2017 Festival

Directors: Bethany Miller, Sean Kelly, Ken Mammarella, Kathleen Mooney Kimber, Eric Merlino

Actors: Gene Dzielak, Cara Ann Tortorice, Courtney Lynahan, Sharon Brown Ruegsegger, Tricia LaRock Sullivan, Jeremiah Dillard, Leslie Shapiro, Wade Finner, Andrew Chambliss, Kirsten Valania, Bryan Henry, Thomas Russell, Jason Tokarski, Cindy Starcher, Mike Barko, Olivia Hayward, Amelia Sandler, Lucky Marvel, Jeff Hickles, Shelli Haynes Ezold, Brenda Carey, Lori Peters, Ahmed Ahmed Z. Khan, Joe Suska, Lexi Rubincam, Melissa Davenport and more…

Plays: The Yellow Umbrella, Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Midnight Snack, Post-its, A Smell of Burning, and Laundromat