“The charity that is a trifle to us can be precious to others.” ~ Homer


Associate Producer: Up to $99

Your contribution directly supports the day‐to‐day
operations of a community theatre. For instance,
contributions at this level cover the cost of makeup for a show.
You will see your dollars at work on the beautiful faces of the
actors on stage.

Theatrical Producer: $100 ‐ $499

At this level, your contribution will pay for the scripts that the
actors use or cover the cost of costuming a production.

Executive Producer: $500 ‐ $999

A donation at this level will cover the cost of an entire
set for a show. See the product of your generosity
on WDL’s stage in one of our acclaimed performances.

21st Century Producer: $1000 plus

At this level, you contribute significantly to major improvements
and maintenance for the theatre. From a much needed new sound
system to our ongoing HVAC renovations, you are essential in helping
us reach our goals!


You can sponsor an entire show in the WDL season. Great for small
businesses looking to advertise while also making a charitable




Beginning September 4, 2018 the Wilmington Drama League will have regular office hours Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1-3 pm. Calls or visits can be made to the main office (side door on Shipley St) (302) 764-3396. Our box office line however will remain fully automated. Questions should be directed to the main office line or sent to kathy@wdleague.org.