Directors are welcome here!

We encourage any and all directors to submit proposals, whether you are experienced, inexperienced, or a first-time director. We have the facilities, infrastructure, and resources to help make your theatrical vision a reality.

Musicals? Yes!
Dramas? Absolutely!
Comedies? You’re joking, right? Of course! 
Shakespeare? Huzzah!
Full length? ONE-ACTS? CHILDREN’S PLAYS? Yes, YES, and YES!

The Wilmington Drama League has the reputation and history of producing a very wide range of shows. If you’d like to direct a show at WDL, submit a proposal by November 15th for the next season!

What are you waiting for? Here’s the proposal form!

What? You’re a little hesitant? That’s okay, just request a mentor to guide you and help you articulate your vision.