Audition for a show at the WDL! All auditions are open-calls, and no appointments are ever necessary. For more information about auditions, please call (302) 764-3396.

Auditions for 2018-2019’s First Show
(We can’t tell you yet what it is!)

Wilmington Drama League will be holding auditions on Monday, June 18 and Tuesday June 19 at 7:00 pm for the first show of their 2018-2019 season, a Tony Award winning musical about the search for identity, the ties that bind a family, and discovering who you and your family really are.

If necessary, callbacks will be held on Sunday, June 24 at 7:00pm.

Director Chris Turner, Music Director Kelly Davis Kline, and Choreographer Kim Turner are looking for men, women, and young people, who can act and sing to fill 9 roles in this contemporary musical. Please prepare 16-32 bars of contemporary Broadway music. Please bring music in the correct key. An accompanist will be provided. There will be no singing acapella.

Rehearsals will begin the first week of July and take place Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings from 7:00pm – 10:00pm, with the production taking place September 14, 15, 16 and September 21, 22, and 23. Please bring all conflicts to auditions.

Character descriptions:

WOMAN 1: 30s-40s, narrator of the show. Struggling to come to terms with family truths. Uses art as a way to find truth. Strong singer and actress. MEZZO – SOPRANO

WOMAN 2: early 20s to play late teens. College freshmen on a path to her own sexual discovery. Intelligent, awkward. Strong singer and actress. – MEZZO- SOPRANO

WOMAN 3: 30s-40s, a mother and wife. Spent many years turning a blind eye to the wayward activities of her husband. Strong singer, actress. MEZZO – SOPRANO

WOMAN 4: 20s: a college student who exudes confidence, sexual energy, and humor. Helps woman 2 on her path of discovery. ALTO

YOUNG GIRL: 9-12 (must be able to believably play around 8-9 years old) a precocious, opinionated, young girl working on forming her own life views on herself and her place in the world. Must be confident, intelligent, and a strong actress and singer. ALTO

MAN 1: 40s, a father. The subject of Woman 1’s journey. A teacher who enjoys historical restorations. Short temper, caring, and loving. Hiding a life long secret that leads to pent up frustration and rage. Strong actor/singer. BARITONE

MAN 2: 20s -30s. Must be willing to play numerous different characters. Strong singer. TENOR

BOY 1: 10-12, a brother and son. Wants to be the leader of the pack, but is often outplaced by his younger sister. Singer with a pre-pubescent sound.

BOY 2: 8-10, a brother and son. The youngest sibling. Full of energy. Looks up to his siblings. Singer with pre-pubescent sound.

Any questions regarding the production, characters, or auditions please reach out to Chris Turner at


Auditions: The Tempest

Director Sean McGuire presents Shakespeare’s “The Tempest,” The Bard’s final masterpiece. Drawing
inspiration from Victorian gothic literature, classic Hollywood monsters, and English ghost stories, this
WDL Black Box production uses the themes of isolation and magic within the play to evoke the fogshrouded English moors. It’s Shakespeare through the lens of “Jane Eyre” and “The Woman in Black.”

Auditions are July 9th and 10th from 6:30-8:30pm with callbacks on July 12th at 6:30pm. Performances are November 8th through 11th. A read-through of the edited script will be held on July 24th at 6:30pm. Casting for all roles are open. All roles are open to any ethnicity.

While a prepared monologue is encouraged, it is not necessary. Those auditioning will be asked to
perform a cold read with other actors. Please contact Sean McGuire at with any

Character descriptions:

ARIEL (female, male or androgynous, 20’s – 30’s) — A ghostly spirit bound to serve Prospero, Ariel is
the source of much of Prospero power on the island. Perhaps the most complex being on the island, Ariel
is constantly pulled between her wish for freedom and her loyalty to the only person who has shown her
kindness. Stylistically, Ariel is a mix between the haunting Miss Havisham from “Great Expectations”
and the vengeful spirit of “The Woman in Black.”
Please note: Presented as female, Ariel can be played by a male in drag in the tradition of Elizabethan
theatre. Being able to sing is a plus, although not a requirement as all singing will be pre-recorded. If able to sing, please be prepared to sing a handful of bars of any tune of your choosing to be sung acapella.

PROSPER (male, mid 40’s – 50’s) — The alchemist/magician who is the de facto king on the island.
Prosper is the puppet master holding all the strings on the island. At times he can be the loving father
figure Miranda needs, but often he is masterfully in control of his magic. A powerful figure, he’s
determined to seek revenge while also setting up his daughter with the son of his enemy. Stylistically, he’s very much the mad scientist from old Hollywood master movies or the brooding antihero of gothic

MIRANDA (female, 17 – early 20’s to play 15) — Prospero’s teenaged daughter. All she’s ever known is
her isolated life with her father and the monstrous Caliban. When Prince Ferdinand washes ashore, she
falls instantly in love and spends the rest of the play growing into a refined Victorian lady worthy of
Ferdinand’s “brave new world.” She’s full of life, cares deeply about others, and isn’t afraid to risk
upsetting her powerful father.

FERDINAND (male, early/mid 20’s) — King Alonso’s young son and the heir to the throne of Naples.
We meet him when he believes his father is dead, leaving him the presumed King of Naples. Forced into
servitude, thoughts of Miranda become the one good thing in Ferdinand’s life. By the end of the play, he’s in love with her and the magic of the island equally.

CALIBAN (male, 30’s – 50’s) — The humanoid creature who lives on the island. Caliban hates Prospero
and is made Prospero’s slave after Caliban tried to force himself on Miranda. A truly miserable and naive
creature, he jumps at the chance to kill Prospero when Stephano and Trinculo come along. Although a
villain, he has many humorous interactions with Staphano and Trinculo. Stylistically, Caliban is inspired
by the old Hollywood monster tropes of black and white monster films.

STEPHANO (male or female, 30’s – 50’s) — King Alonso’s butler. A drunkard, Stephano immediately
relishes in having power over Caliban and agrees to Caliban’s proposal that her murder Prospero and
become king of the island. He and his good friend Trinculo are the show’s comedic relief. If played as
male, Stephano is in a valet sort of role. If played as female, she is played as a Victorian lady’s maid or
head housekeeper.

TRINCULO (male or female, late 20’s – 50’s) — King Alonso’s jester. Happy to plot against Prospero in
order to make Stephano king of the island, Trinculo is a fool in every sense of the word. Dependent on his friend and alcohol, Trinculo tries to dress above his station with zero success in order to look more

ALONSO (male, 50 – 60) — The King of Naples. When he’s shipwrecked, he believes his son Ferdinand
has drowned with the ship and is determined to search the island to see if he somehow survived. As time
goes on, he loses hope and comes to believe this is his punishment involvement in Prospero’s downfall.
Although he’s upset, he still holds himself very regally as long as he can.

GONZALO (male, 60’s – 80’s) — The King’s Advisor. Gonzalo is always looking on the bright side of
things and is able to find a positive thing even when there’s nothing to be positive about. He’s the only
nobleman who helped Prospero and Miranda escape years ago when Prospero was overthrown by

ANTONIO (male or female, 30’s – mid 40’s) — The current Duke of Milan and younger sibling to
Prospero. Having usurped Prospero, Antonio will stop at nothing for power and riches. He easily plots to
kill Alonso and Gonzalo in order to make Sebastian (his sidekick of sorts) King of Naples. Antonio is the
sort who will always look is best. If played as male, he has a playboy and a dandy vibe that masks his true
intentions. If played as female, she will smile at your face and sneer behind your back while plotting
someone’s murder. Antonio will manipulate anyone in order to come out on top.

SEBASTIAN (male, 30’s – mid 40’s) — King Alonso’s younger brother. Sebastian is Antonio’s cohort,
but he doesn’t quite realize that Antonio is using Sebastian as a tool to get more power for himself. Very involved in himself and making fun of old Gonzalo.



by Neil Simon
Thursday 7/26 and Monday 7/30, 7-9PM
(callbacks, if needed, will be Wednesday August 1, 7-9)

Director Luke Wallis needs ten actors withstrong comedic timing for Rumors by Neil

Please come to auditions prepared to list any and all conflicts with schedule provided.
Readings will be done from the show, no prepared monologues requested.

Character Breakdown

KEN GORMAN – (Male, 30’s – 50’s) A well-to-do lawyer. Wealthy, but by no means pretentious. Takes charge of the situation. Married to Chris. Halfway through the show, a gunshot causes his temporary deafness.

CHRIS GORMAN – (Female, 30’s – 50’s) Another lawyer, married to Ken. Beautiful, easily flustered. Frantically tries to maintain normalcy at the party. Has recently quit smoking, which drives her to drink a bit more.

LENNY GANZ – (Male, 30’s – 50’s) – A wealthy accountant, distraught over the recent destruction over his new car. Starts the show with an extreme case of whiplash. Intolerant of the gossipy-lifestyle that he is often involved in.

CLAIRE GANZ – (Female, 20’s – 40’s) – Lenny’s wife. Very concerned with appearances (hers and others’). Starts the play with a swollen lip. Likes to gossip.

ERNIE CUSACK – (Male, 40’s – 60’s) – a psychiatrist. Affable, smokes a pipe. Loves his wife very much. Tries to be as helpful as possible cooking the evening’s dinner.

COOKIE CUSACK – (Female, 40’s – 60’s) – has her own cooking show. Suffers from extreme back spasms. Loves her husband very much. A bit absent-minded at times.

GLENN COOPER – (Male, 30’s – 40’s) – A handsome man running for State Senate. Worried about his own reputation. Struggles with placating his wife, who is convinced he is having an affair (which he may or may not be).

CASSIE COOPER – (Female 20’s – 30’s) – Glenn’s beautiful wife. Obsesses over her husbands’ relationships with other women. Quick to anger. Must rub her quartz crystal to calm herself down.

OFFICER WELCH – (Male or Female, 30’s – 50’s ) – A city police officer having a rough night. Does not
tolerate lying. Sees through the “classy” façade that these high-society types put up.

OFFICER PUDNEY – (Male or Female, 20’s – 50’s ) – Welch’s partner. A strong but silent type.