Audition for a show at the WDL! All auditions are open-calls, and no appointments are ever necessary. For more information about auditions, please call (302) 764-3396.

West Side Story

Wilmington Drama League is proud to announce auditions for their June production of West Side Story.
Auditions will be held at WDL Sunday March, 4th at 3PM & Monday March 5th at 7PM with callbacks Sunday, March 11th.
Production staff seeks extremely talented dancers, singers, and actors. Dancers with a solid ballet foundation and Latinx performers are strongly encouraged to attend.

We will be dancing first so please arrive on time, dressed, warmed up, and ready to start. Bring jazz shoes, sneakers, or character shoes. Please prepare 16-32 bars of a musical theatre song that shows your vocal range and personality. Have another selection prepared if asked to sing again. Please bring a recent picture of you as well. A resume is great but not necessary.

***If you are auditioning for the roles of Doc, Lt. Shrank, or Officer Krupke/Glad Hand, you are asked to come to callbacks, March 11th at 2PM to read. No singing or dancing necessary for these roles.***

Rehearsals will begin late March and are expected to be every Tuesday & Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon. Please bring a list of all potential conflicts with you. You must be available for all of tech week and all performances.
If you have any questions or concerns, please email

Director/Choreographer: Dominic Santos
Music Director: Caty Butler
Stage Manager: Lauren Gates

Production Dates: June 8, 9, 15, 16 at 8PM; 10, 17 at 2PM

Character Breakdown:
MARIA: Puerto-Rican. Warm-hearted, effervescent, innocent. A hopeless romantic who falls in love with Tony and finds herself at the center of the violent conflict between the two gangs. Bernardo’s sister. Actress 18+ to play late teens. Lyric Soprano up to C6.

TONY: Caucasian. Good-natured and masculine. The former leader of the Jets gone straight. A dreamer not afraid to show his heart but is strong when he needs to be. Riff’s best friend. Actor 18+ to play late teens early 20s. Lyric Tenor up to Bb4.

ANITA: Puerto-Rican. Feisty, sexual, sharp-tongued, and sarcastic. She dispenses “older-sister” advice to Maria and tries to shield her from the dangers of the gang. Bernardo’s girlfriend and Maria’s best friend. Actress 18+ to play early to mid-twenties. Must dance extremely well. Mezzo Soprano up to D5.

RIFF: Caucasian. Cocky, proud, and charismatic. The leader of the Jets. He is struggling to maintain his turf and push back the perceived threat of the Sharks. In many ways, he is a boy in a man’s body. Tony’s best friend. Actor 18+ to play late teens early 20s. Must dance extremely well. Tumbling a plus. High Baritone/Tenor up to G4.

BERNARDO: Puerto-Rican. Proud, intelligent, driven, and sexual. The leader of the Sharks. Desperately trying to make a place for himself. He is passionate, street smart, and carries a chip on his shoulder. At the same time, he is loyal to his heritage and the people he loves. Maria’s brother and Anita’s boyfriend. Actor 18+ to play late teens early 20s. Must dance extremely well. Baritone up to Eb4

CHINO: Puerto-Rican. Shy, gentle, cautious. An introvert trying not to take up too much space. He is in over his head and tries to do the right thing. Bernardo’s best friend and Maria’s betrothed. Must dance well. Actor 16+ to play late teens.

ACTION: Caucasian. Tightly wound, aggressive, jumpy. A proud Jet, he is incensed by what he sees happening to his turf and is constantly seething with anger and resentment. Actor 16+ to play late teens. Must dance and sing very well. Baritone

ANYBODYS: Caucasian. Tomboy, spunky, streetwise. She is a wannabe Jet who is desperate to fit in with the boys. Actress 16+ to play late teens. Must dance very well. Tumbling a plus.

DOC: Caucasian. Sweet tempered, caring, and passionate. Owner of the drug store where the Jets hang out. He is appalled by the hatred and violence that surrounds him and is taken aback by his own helplessness to stop it. A paternal figure to Tony. Mature actor to play 50s-70s. Does not sing or dance.

LT. SHRANK: Caucasian. Strong and commanding. A plainclothes cop. He uses his charm and smile to mask his anger and disgust for the street gangs. He is threatened by the perceived threat to his turf. Actor to play 40s-50s. Does not sing or dance.

OFFICER KRUPKE- Caucasian. A goon like uniformed police officer. Not very bright. He relishes his power as a cop and uses it to intimidate the gangs. GLAD HAND- The chaperone of the dance at the gym. Overeager and cheerful to the point of annoyance. *These roles will be played by one actor.* Actor to play late 30s- early 60s. Does not sing or dance.

JETS- (Caucasian. Actors 16+ to play late teens to early 20s. Must dance and sing very well.)

SHARKS- (Puerto-Rican. Actors 16+ to play late teens to early 20s. Must dance very well.)

SHARK GIRLS– (Puerto-Rican. Actresses 16+ to play late teens to early 20s. Must dance and sing very well.)
ROSALIA- duets with Anita in “America”

JET GIRLS- (Caucasian. Actresses 16+ to play late teens to early 20s. Must dance very well.)